Annie Davidson

My name is Annie and I have 2 boys, Sawyer who is almost 4 and Graham who is almost 2. There will be another little boy joining the crew in December 2016. I started Stroller Strides when Sawyer was 8 weeks old while living in San Diego. We moved to the Los Angeles area and I found Fit4Mom Conejo when I was 5 months pregnant with Graham and have been hooked ever since! Not only did I find an amazing group of women who were going through the journeys of motherhood together but also like minded regarding health and fitness. As far as the workout is concerned, I found what works for my body. Things I worked years to try and change, have changed! A combination of resistance training and cardiovascular work has proved to be the key to maintaining a strong and healthy body that I can be proud of!

My college education in Food Science led me to a career in weight loss and most recently as a physical education and health science teacher ranging from grades K-12. Becoming an instructor for Fit4Mom gave me back that piece of ME that I lost when I started having babies. I absolutely LOVE teaching and unlike most high school students you Mamas want to be there! I have a passion for health and fitness and being able to share that with this group is very special to me. I am beyond grateful to have found this village!

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