Rachael Weitz

I hope you enjoy reading all the fun activities we plan each month cause I have a blast writing them. Besides being your "sister-in-sweat" I am known as the "meet up mom".

My pre-motherhood resume includes a AS from Moorpark College and pending BS in Political Science from CSUN. A career that includes public speaking, corporate training and area supervision for multi-family housing kept me very busy before switching gears to be a stay at home mom to Soli (4) and Steele (2). Descriptive writing and storytelling are second nature for me.

Fitness has also served a meaningful role in my life. From starting the first women's lacrosse team in high school to creating a company wide fitness program to improve the overall health of the employees; bringing health and wellness to those around me is important.

I am eternally grateful for the strong and loving women that have become some of my closest friends through Fit4Mom. Being part of the team is an honor and a privilege.

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