Fit, Friends & the Highlight of My Day

Rachel H.

I started Stroller Strides when my daughter was 9 weeks old and I couldn't fit into a single dress in my closet. Fast forward eight months and I feel strong, fit and confident. I can do more squats, lunges, and crunches than ever before. I even ran a 5K with very little training other than the morning classes. More importantly, I've made friendships with amazing mamas and their babies and have so much fun and learn so much from them. I don't feel like my day is complete without going to Stroller Strides and I'm sad if I have to miss a day. Who would have thought that a workout could be the highlight of your day?

I went into my closet the other day to see what fit for an upcoming wedding, and to my surprise, every single dress fit perfectly. I wasn't spending hours a day in the gym and I wasn't on any crazy diet. I was doing exactly what I had done before with one change. Stroller Strides. It has made an incredible difference in my life, both physically and emotionally, with fitness that helps me to feel confident and happy and friendships that I know will last a lifetime.